My name is Cindee van der Merwe and I live in BC, Canada.  In my 20's I spent most of my time in South Africa volunteering.  In that time I grew to love Africa, the people and landscape.  I would love to one day move back there, but for now, my home is in Canada. 
The sole purpose of InTheirShoes is to give people around the world the power to choose an organization they can connect with and donate directly to that organization, eliminating the middle man.  InTheirShoes will not be involved with any of the finances given, therefore, a tax receipt cannot be issued by InTheirShoes.  However, some of the organizations may have tax receipts in your country.  Simply visit the websites to see which organizations may have tax receipts, but please see the need of the organization before choosing to give solely because of a tax receipt.  Some of these places are in dire need of funds and are dependant on your donations for survival.  InTheirShoes is also a platform for volunteers as many of these organizations do have a volunteer program.
InTheirShoes is a work in progress.  I will not promote an organization unless I have been there, or if a trusted person can vouch for the non-profit they have visited.  The reason for either myself or a friend to have personally visited the non-profit is to make sure the non-profit is not misusing the funds and the people in their care is being ethically treated.  I haven't been able to travel much in the past few years, but I do plan on travelling back to Africa within the next couple years with hopes to grow the non-profits on this site.    
Once I start travelling again I want to start getting stories and photos of people.  The stories will be real and I will not hold back on details as there is a lot of struggles going on in the world that people are not necessarily aware of.  I will share these stories with photos on InTheirShoes with hopes of prompting people to support the non-profits on this site, hence the name, InTheirShoes.
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