Erika De La Cruz: “Well, There Was A Dominant Belief That I Might Not Be Enough”

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Erika De La Cruz: “Well, There Was A Dominant Belief That I Might Not Be Enough”

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Erika is the Co-Founder and Best Selling Author of Passionistas, Tips Tales & Tweetables From Women Pursuing Their Dreams. She is a TV & Media Host and runs Performance & Mind-Set Coaching for Boss Babes who are ready to step into their spotlight, gain recognition in their industry and eliminate metal blocks. Erika’s aim is to improve the human experience with happiness, vulnerability & practical performance habits. I took the time to chat with Erika about the challenges, successes and pivots that have shaped her journey.


Q: What are some challenges you faced when developing your venture?     

Well, there was a dominant belief that I might not be enough. Passionistas is more than a book, it’s also a group of incredible Co-Authors, and leading that group presents challenges you wouldn’t expect. The height of what’s at stake is raised when there’s 38 other futures and stories in your hands. The same goes for my programs, events and even media at times.

Admittedly- I’m an extrovert, who used to be afraid of PEOPLE! It was crazy. I was doing red carpets, TV/Radio, socializing, the whole thing- but what most people don’t often understand is there’s a huge difference between having a conversation about what someone else’s mission in the world is and having a conversation asking them to join yours. Inherently, I’m so comfortable accepting people (literally, loving everyone) and yet, there was a hidden doubt that anyone would accept me and what I was out to build. It’s silly to say out loud really, but I think it’s real for a lot of others who are building brands that involve other people.

Q: Was there any point when you thought it was over? That you were going to fail? 

Hmm, yes. There’s a point where art has to generate revenue if you’re going to call it a “career.” And at the brink of building my brand, I was getting ready to launch my coaching programs, was pitching some contracts for shows and products and well, because I was in “creation” mode, there was this huge “am I going to fail?” looming over me. However, I really can’t say I thought it was “over.” To me, life is pursuing what you love- and I will NEVER settle for less, so while I was weary that each project would become successful, I also took comfort in the fact that there wasn’t (and will never be) a Plan B. No wasting life on second choices for this Passionista.


Q: As an entrepreneur how important has flexibility been in developing your venture? 

Oh my god, it’s everything. I really had to learn to accept any and all answers, circumstances, feedback and ideas. It’s only when you accept them, can you actually change or generate newly. Especially when there’s a partner involved, which is the case for Passionistas. My partner’s an amazing, well known entrepreneur- Kyle Wilson and learning from another is the best gift you can get really. So much of the time, I witness resistance when entrepreneurs are told things they don’t want to hear. They’re fighting with what IS. And then from that place of lack, trying to generate a solution. To me, flexibility is acceptance.


Q: What was was your spark, where did it come from?  

I think my spark was (is) my “JU JU.” Ha, that’s what I call it. JU JU– is this feeling of bliss and happiness I can generate for just about anything in the right context. I get genuinely excited about people, life, what they’re up to, what I can build etc. And that ignites rushes of insight that I’ve used to develop my projects and inspire others to go after what they want in this life. My aim is to generate better life quality for humanity. It sounds crazy, but that’s it. I’m fond of magic and joy and I believe they both underlie the quest for “fulfillment” so many seek.

4. What are your non-work habits that help you with your work-life balance?

Perfect Segway, I keep a habit of self-reflecting. Really, tuning into what my intuition is saying, and often, where it’s leading me next. I take a habitual break between execution to make sure my action is GUIDED ACTION, rather than all over the place if that makes sense. I also take “Disney Breaks!” Breaks to watch or go to Disneyland. Thanks to my other half & In Their Shoes Entrepreneur– Jock Purtle, we’re both proud owners of Disney Annual Passes. It’s the fun and play that rejuvenates us.

5. What is your best tip for entrepreneurs? 

I’d say here’s a tip that’s an actual practice too. Think of what you’re MOST afraid of. What are the words, and from who are you most afraid of hearing them? Maybe it’s “No,” or “Who do you think you are.” Find a partner and have them repeat those exact words, while you just receive and accept what’s being told to you. I promise, your perspective will shift once you become desensitized to hearing the words you’re dreading so much. You’ll also realize through the process, that you’re still alive, untouched! And hopefully, gain power in taking action in the areas that they apply.


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